Phase 1 Top Sportsman Door Car
~ 4130 Chromoly Chassis
~ SFI 25.1E Specs Specially For Your Choice Of Body
~ Front Motor Plate Mounts
~ Rear Motor Plate Mounts
~ Steering Rack Mount
~ Upper and Lower Strut Mounts
~ (New) Double Adjustable Mono Shock Swing-Arm W/Integral Rear Drive Shaft Loop, Anti-Roll &Track Locator
~ CAD Designed 4-Link Brackets

Fully Welded Phase 1 = $6,900.00 USD

Phase 2 Top Sportsman Door Car
Includes Phase 1 Plus These Features:
~ 4130 Top 4-Link Bars
~ Adkins Fabricated Sheetmetal Rear End Housing
~ Double Adjustable Rear Shock
~ Aluminum 3rd Member with Pro Gear
~ 40 Spline Gun Drilled Axles
~ Heavy Duty Axle Bearings, and 5/8" Studs
~ Rear Disc Brake Kit
~ Adjustable Struts with Medium Duty Brakes
~ Front and Rear Coil Springs
~ Narrowed Rack & Pinion Steering Box
~ Pro Tie Rod Ends
~ 6061 T6 Front Motor Plate
~ 6061 T6 Rear Motor Plate
~ Grade 8 Bolt and Hardware Kit with 4130 Rod Ends
Phase 2 = $15,900.00 USD

Phase 3 Top Sportsman Door Car
Includes Phase 2 Plus These Features:
~ Light Fiberglass Body Kit Installed & Mounted
~ MR-5000 Window Kit
~ Windows Mounted
~ Race Tech Composite Seat & Mount
~ Seat Belt Mounts
~ Chute Mount
~ Chute Cord Mount
~ Doors Mounted
~ Door Latches Installed
~ Scoop Mounted
~ Pro Stock Style Rear Spoiler
~ Front Mounted Fuel Cell
~ Tow Hook
Phase 3 = $32,000.00 USD


Phase 4 Top Sportsman Door Car
Includes Phase 3 Plus These Features:
~ 2 Killswitch Push Rod with Handle (1 outside & 1 inside for driver)
~ Starter Bump Button Mounts (2)
~ Battery Charge Plug & Mount
~ Switch Panel Mount
~ Ignition Panel Installed
~ Weight Bar Mounts
~ SFI Custom Window Net Installed
~ Door Stop Straps Installed
~ Grant Steering Wheel
~ Quick Release Steering Hub
~ Dash and Gauge Mounts
~ Powerglide Shifter Mount
~ Front Fuel Cell Installed
~ Fuel Pump Mount
~ Strange Aluminum Master Cylinder
~ Line Lock Mounted
~ Brake Line Kit
~ Aluminum Radiator W/Removable Mount & Installed
~ Cooling Fan and Aluminum Radiator Shroud
~ Complete Interior Installed
~ Carbon Fiber/Composite Wheel Tub Kit
~ Throttle Pedal Kit W/Stop
~ Brake Pedal Kit and Pushrod
~ Chute Cable Handle & Hardware
~ M/T Wheels
~ M/T Tires
Phase 4 = $44,000.00 USD

Phase 5 Top Sportsman Door Car
Includes Phase 4 Plus These Features:
~ Auto Meter Gauges - Oil, Water, Temp, and Tach
~ Hyfire Digital 7 Ignition
~ Custom Switch Panel
~ K&R or Digital Delay Box
~ Trans Brake Button, Burnout &Bump Down Buttons
~ Battery Cable Kit
~ Heavy Duty Killswitch
~ Starter Bump Buttons (2)
~ Wiring Hardware Kit
~ Quarter Pro Powerglide Electric Shifter
~ Wire Car Complete
~ Parachute
~ Cam-Lock Belts
~ Optima Red Top Batteries (2)
~ 4130 Heavy Duty Driveshaft with Strange Billet Yoke
~ B&M Transmission Cooler Installed
~ 70" Top Sportsman Wheelie Bar Kit
~ Radiator Overflow Tank and Mount
~ BG 400 Fuel Pump Magna Fuel
~ BG 5000 Fuel Filter Magna fuel
Phase 5 Fully Assembled and Wired = $52,000.00 USD



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